Foundation Services

A house is only as strong as its foundation. Unfortunately, poor soil conditions, changing seasons, and moisture in the soil around your house will stress your home's foundation by causing the expansion and contraction of the soil. This happens regardless of how well built your house is.

Only a foundation professional can determine if your home's foundation is under too much stress or needs repair work. If you've noticed cracks, leaks, or uneven floors, call Doc Crawlspace to get a thorough foundation inspection. 


Properly insulating your home is important in maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient lifestyle. Insulation in between the floor joist traps moisture causing mold to grow on the wood and causes the insulation to sag or fall. Fiberglass insulation keeps the floors cold. Fiberglass insulation breaks down causing insulation particles to float around under the home.  By sealing the crawlspace vents with rigid foam board insulation and using rigid foam board insulation on the walls, there is less heat loss from the home. When there is ductwork in the crawlspace the foam board insulation helps keep the crawlspace warmer allowing your furnace to be more efficient when heating the home.

Mold Problems

Mold is everywhere! It is in the air we breathe, it is on the trees outside and it is in our homes. There are thousands of different kinds of garden variety of molds out there. Everybody has different reactions to mold. The problem with mold is the type, the concentration and the location of the mold. In a crawlspace or attic mold that is not controlled can cause structural damage as well as added health problems.  Call today for a free inspection and solution to your mold problems.


Proper installation of moisture barriers is the key to stopping moisture. Before installing a moisture barrier, drylock may be needed to stop water from seeping through the foundation wall. A thorough inspection of the crawlspace is important in determining the proper steps needed to handle the water situation under your home.

 The right material is also important in stopping water and/or moisture from collecting in the crawlspace. Just placing a 6 mil material under the home will not solve the problem. Here at Doc Crawlspace we specialize in turning your crawlspace into a healthy, efficient and functional part of your home. Our 90 mil zero perm foil faced barrier is a multipurpose liner designed to keep soil gasses from passing through the barrier but also keeps heat from escaping the home. This is the most energy efficient product we offer.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are installed to evacuate standing water from under the home. Crawlspace’s with standing water is usually due to high water tables in the area. A French drain may need to be installed when the water table is too high. Proper installation of sump pump begins with the location of the basin and where to evacuate the water. Placing the sump pump in the low area of the crawlspace is always the best bet.

Standing water causes damage and promotes mold and mildew. A French is installed to help keep high water tables from flooding your crawlspace. With the install of a French drain, the water is channeled to the sump pump to be evacuated from under the home.